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What is a Clinical Waste Audit?

Legislation produced by Environment Agency (EA) states that those who create and seek to dispose of clinical waste must provide audits of their waste to their waste management contractors if they wish to have their waste accepted for incineration or treatment. This audit is an EA legal requirement, and failure to provide an audit report could result in the EA prohibiting waste collecting companies from collecting from you.

Clinical waste is any waste product that cannot be considered general waste and is hazardous. Such items include human or animal tissue, blood, excretions, swabs or dressings, bodily fluids, drugs or other pharmaceutical products, sanitary products, syringes, or other sharp instruments.

Clinical waste audits aren’t just limited to GPs and hospitals, but also medical offices in education, opticians, dentists, vet practices and many other healthcare providers, including private practices.

Why choose Sircle?

Sircle’s independent Clinical Waste Audits ensure that our clients meet their obligations to legislation, that their own in-house procedures are observed by staff, and reduce potential risks that non-compliance can bring, such as fines and refusal to collect.

Whether you have one practice or require clinical waste audits nationwide, Sircle can meet your requirements either as a one-off project or on a long-term basis conducting annual, two or five-yearly inspections depending on the type of waste and service you provide.

Our Clinical Waste Audits provide the following:

  • An independent audit, we don’t collect or dispose of waste so can make impartial assessments and recommendations
  • Observation of the practices and procedures of the people involved in the waste creation
  • Methods of disposal of the waste within an organisation
  • Review of classifications of waste is correct
  • Review of compliance paperwork and management policy and how it’s being applied on site
  • Summary report of our findings complete with photos highlighting the non-conformance and the conformance situations

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“Sircle were very supportive throughout the project and also supported us with advice and feedback during the re-inspections. They issue us live updates of relevant information and a full excel report to help us understand the data and this helps us plan any remedial works. Sircle have always achieved the project within timescale and continue to be available for support even after the project has ended.”