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Are you an NHS Trust trying to adopt to GS1 Scan4Safety Standards?

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What is GS1 Space and Asset Tagging?

If you are an Acute NHS Trust, then the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) Scan4Safety initiative, as mandated in 2015, is one of the biggest opportunities you have to make significant savings.

The Lord Carter report sets out how non-specialist acute trusts can reduce unwarranted variation in productivity and efficiency to save the NHS £5 billion each year by 2020/21.

To implement GS1 successfully, each of your spaces requires a GLN allocated to it (Global Location Numbers) to track and trace assets. For these to be allocated and recorded correctly, your drawings must accurately reflect your building’s layout and functions- the GLNs link the locations to events, departments and dynamic equipment.

Why choose Sircle?

The updating or creation of your drawings along with the placement and management of your GLNs across your estate is key to successful adoption, therefore choosing a company that has the experience to deliver all of the elements required is essential.

Our in-house Cad and surveying teams are vastly experienced in surveying healthcare properties and have been doing so for nearly 30 years! The same teams can work with you to detail the scope of the project as well as the design, creation and installation of the GLN labels to ensure the foundation of the Scan4Safety journey and ensure you get the maximum returns.

In addition, as we deliver a wide range of surveys, we can also collect additional data to allow for increased savings or simply update information such as Fire Asset location to provide increased risk reduction.

In addition to the cost savings GS1 brings, accurate drawings can lead to a much wider range of savings. The vital information they contain is used across nearly all departments, with the Estates, Capital, Facilities, Compliance and Soft Services teams all using them to fulfil their daily duties with increased efficiency. They also allow them to plan for the future better, reduce risk and provide reports. If inaccurate drawings are used, the risk increases significantly, and long-term planning is difficult, often incurring unexpected additional costs.


  • Plan, prepare and adapt COVID space requirements, as well as general utilisation
  • Improvements on cleaning regimes ensure specific areas get the level of cleaning expected and benchmarking of staff/contractors
  • Capital teams will produce accurate designs leading to faster completion of projects and less unexpected costs
  • Improvements can be made in clinical adjacency
  • Compliance/risk can be clearly marked reducing risk to life to staff, patients and contractors
  • Reduce tender costs by providing drawings and accurate GIA
  • Provide increased accuracy on ERIC returns
  • Ensured Leased space costs are calculated correctly
  • Avoid overpayments and provide district valuers with accurate GIA / NIA
  • Increase the efficiency of your CAFM CMMS system by ensuring all spaces are up to date
  • Reduce response time on reactive maintenance.
  • The benefits go on and on.

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“We have been working with Sircle following a recommendation and they have proved to be invaluable in their role as a leading supplier of assets surveys. Asset reports have been tailored to meet our requirements and they have reported at pace any high-risk items that could cause damage to systems. I would recommend their service to anyone looking to enhance their asset management.”