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What is a Latent Defect Survey?

A latent defect survey seeks clarity on any defects before the breach of contract time period runs out so that the building owner or manager can claim economic loss.

Defects in construction projects are typically caused by failures in design, workmanship or materials. They may not become apparent or readily detectable for quite some time after completing the project and after the defects liability period (typically lasting 6-12 months). Such defects are termed Latent Defects. Actions for breach of contract are time-barred after six years from the date of breach; for a contract under seal, the period is 12 years. Typically most contracts are made under seal.

Why choose Sircle?

Latent defects surveys require experienced surveyors to ensure a detailed internal and external room by room inspection is undertaken to ensure an accurate output with no margin for error.

Sircle’s Chartered Surveyors pride themselves on their attention to detail and construction knowledge, which is crucial when identifying any defects and providing the cause of action and an accurate remedy.

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