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Why scan / digitise your documents?

Digital documents are not only easier to access, view and share, they are also better protected from accidental damage, loss and deterioration.

Going digital allows you to reduce the amount of paper documents in your office and free up valuable space for other important purposes which could also lead to additional income.

Storing hard copy documents at your premises costs money. You may think that keeping your records on-site is the cheapest option, but it still costs you money to heat, light and maintain that space. It also takes time to find and locate the documents you need and even with the best indexing this can run in to hours each week whereas scanned documents linked to a document register or stored on a document management system means you can locate them within seconds.

Access anywhere. With home and remote working now part of the norm having access to relevant documents is vital to ensure continuity and give your staff access the information they need to fulfil their role.

Why choose Sircle?

From our very first day of trading in 1992 we have been providing document scanning to our clients that include local MEP contractors through to multi-national invoice factoring houses, you could say that scanning is in our DNA.

Over three decades later and our experience has grown, as has the list of clients and range of scanning services we offer.

Having such a diverse range of clients means that we are required to provide a very high level of security so as to ensure your documents remain safe from the day of collection by our own staff, through the scanning process within a secure environment, storage on protected servers and finally through to secure destruction or return to your location.

Should the worst happen and you lose the documents to fire, flood or simply misplaced what is the cost to replace?

Our range of scanning services includes:

Drawing and Large Format Scanning

Large format drawings are often the most neglected of hard copy information, they are routinely stored in locations that are not suited to them such as Boiler Rooms, Basements unheated offices, etc. This results in them being in poor condition and susceptible to damage.

When taken from drawing tanks they are not replace correctly and simply “dumped” on top or within the tank rather than being rehung.

The lack of care for these drawings is because they are thought to be “old” or “they lack any use” but this is far from the truth. Our experience has shown that record drawings contain valuable information on your estate that would be difficult to replace such as original “as built” detail including materials used, foundation detail, utilities runs, drainage, etc. all of this information can be used on future projects, support compliance claims, remove risk form major construction and reduce costs on future surveys.

Our scanning bureau can scan even the largest of A0 drawings in either mono or colour and our carefully controlled process ensures that even the most neglected of drawings can be scanned without incurring further damage.

The resulting scans can be saved as PDF files, ready for uploading to your preferred method of storage such as CAFM System, Document Management System or simply within a simple excel register, alternatively our CAD Bureau can convert to .dwg files for use within AutoCAD packages.

The key to a successful digitisation of your large format drawings (or any document) is to ensure that it can be easily located and identified without having to open each image, that is why we will work with you to create an indexing / naming convention so that there is consistency across your documents and ensures the drawings provide a return on the scanning investment.

Compliance Document Scanning

Compliance covers a wide range of areas and our compliance scanning specialists will ensure your documents meet the need.

Personal Data Compliance

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), staff have the right to access their documents and request how their data is used and for what purpose. If the request is made electronically, the information should be provided in a commonly used electronic format, such as a PDF, within 30 days. This means having your documents in a digital format is a must.

Sircle can scan your documents that contain personal data, e.g. HR records, with a complete audit trail from collection, through scanning through to how they are stored on our servers before deleting upon completion of the project. We can also index the documents by employee name, allowing each file to be easily searched and sent over quickly.

Building Compliance

Building / H&S Compliance is becoming increasingly difficult to manage as there are constant changes in the information requested, approaches, audit trail requirements etc. This often leads to a large amount of documentation across a wide range of folders. With legacy compliance requirements often requiring documents from several decades ago to be provided it is essential that your compliance documents are protected and readily available for audit or to support claims.

Sircle will take your documents and scan them to create an set of detailed folders by compliance type, i.e Asbestos, Legionella, Fire, etc Each file will be named and indexed according to month / year so that you will have instant access to the right file as and when required.

Asbestos compliance records are needed to be kept / maintained even when the the building no longer exists therefore the need to maintain this information is critical as claims can come though even if the building no longer exists. Having the information digitally ensures you can react quickly to information requests, provide evidence and support the ongoing management.

Estates, Facilities & Capital Manual Scanning

Scanning your documents and storing them digitally frees up valuable space, which you can use better. Digitising your documents also protects them from accidental damage, deterioration, and risks like fire and flooding.

Our scanning team digitise and archive all kinds of estates documents, such as operation & maintenance manuals, health & safety files, project files and test certificates.

Before starting your project, we’ll discuss how you intend to access this files, any specific indexing or character recognition (OCR) needs with you. We will even help you create a Digital Manual Standard so that all future manuals can be provided by 3rd parties so that they match your existing digital manuals ensuring ease of use.

Once everything has been scanned, we will liaise with you to upload to your preferred method of storage such as CAFM, Document Management System or simply return them to you via a secure FTP.

Invoice Scanning

With a digital catalogue of all your invoices and the ability to search for due dates, client numbers, reference numbers and more, transactions can be matched against purchase orders and payments processed without a fuss.

When you send us your hard copy invoices, our scanning team will turn these into PDFs for easy reviewing and sharing. They then get indexed, archived, and uploaded to a secure digital database you’ll have 24/7 access to. We’ll work with you to ensure your accounts team has instant access to your invoices, allowing for prompt action.

Indexing and Book Marking

A lack of indexing or inadequate data labelling causes avoidable delays, and in some cases, data errors. Implementing a system bespoke to your business can completely revolutionise your processes and save your employees from needless stress and wasted time.


Once your information has been scanned or captured, our team can digitally file or index your data based on your specific requirements. Common indexing conventions include reference numbers, surnames, and dates, providing multiple ways for your team to search for information. This service is particularly beneficial for companies or departments that handle lots of customer or staff information.


For companies with lengthy printed documents such as contracts and maintenance manuals, we can provide data bookmarking so that relevant sections can be found easily. Once your information has been digitised, we can bookmark each chapter or section of your documents, allowing staff to navigate specific information quickly.


If specified, each of your documents we digitise will undergo the process of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR reads the contents of any document we scan for you and embeds those contents into a PDF. Text can then be extracted and used to create a separate Microsoft Word or Excel file. You and your colleagues can search through the text of all of the documents we’ve digitised so you can find the information you need quickly.

Legacy Scanning

Legacy paper records present a problem for companies as policies and procedures require them to keep the information for extended periods of time. This means paper continues to take up valuable square footage and employees struggle to find the vital information they need.

Sircle can help you develop a plan to turn the paper stored in cumbersome boxes and filing cabinets into searchable, easy to manage digital assets.

Document Management System Population

Document management software help you organise your digital documents and digitize your existing paper records with ease. We will work with your data controller to ensure full compliance to your GDPR and data policies, and all systems come with a full audit trail of logins and views of all records.

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“Sircle have been supporting our administration requirements (scanning and printing/plotting of as built drawings, CDM documentation) for several years and I cannot think of any occasion where I have had an issue, problem or concern. The team are always responsive to our needs and time schedules including those of our customers. Supplying a first class service all the time.”

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