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What are Land Registry Compliant Plans?

A land registry plan shows land or property that is subject to a land registry application. This type of plan is also commonly known as a boundary plan, lease plan, deed plan or conveyance plan. It is an appropriately scaled metric drawing depicting the land or part of a building over which the lessee has exclusive or shared access.

The Land Registration Act 2002 states that an application must be made to the Land Registry when land or property:

  • is first registered
  • is transferred
  • has a lease longer than seven years
  • has unusual extents, such as roof-space, tunnels etc

Land Registry plans of any type are important legal documents and need a professional to undertake this.

Why choose Sircle?

At Sircle, the type of client we commonly produce land registry compliant plans for are solicitors when they are preparing titles deeds or hospitals when a new tenant is going to occupy part of their building.

Depending on the information supplied, we can purchase the ordinance survey vector data for the area/property required, making sure that there are two named roads visible. We then plot the extent of the boundary in a red edge on an A4 sheet with a north arrow and to a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500. If required, we can also hatch the access route.

We are also asked to produce plans for land disputes. In these circumstances, we create the plan as above but then take the existing land registry plans for the neighbouring properties, plotting these on the plan in a different colour, showing the overlaps in the boundaries. We may even be asked to produce a separate plan for the overlapping/disputed area so they can create a separate lease document for that piece of land.

Why good-quality boundary plans are essential:

  • Give you a clear understanding of what is being purchased
  • Provide a sound basis should problems arise at a future date
  • Ensure applications lodged with Land Registry will be processed more efficiently and effectively

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Spotlight Case Study

Hft Charity

Hft, a national charity supporting people with learning disabilities to live the best life possible, wanted to improve several areas of their portfolio. They needed surveys to create dimensionally accurate CAD plans, containing key information to support the management of their properties.

Hft Charity

“We chose Sircle for our project based on their experience in surveying in this sector, their competitive rates and completing successful trial surveys. Not only were they professional in their approach, the experience they brought to the table helped us consider several other areas where we could potentially reduce costs and increase efficiency.”