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What is an Occupancy Survey?

For many organisations, space is one of the most expensive items they have. So ensuring you use every square metre to its full potential while giving your occupants the space that is fit for purpose to fulfil their role is essential.

An occupancy survey can identify how space is being used and its key assets and provide details on how that space can be better used. This can decrease the area you use, reduce costs, and allow for efficient space management. Whether you are looking to use existing space better, move to remote working, or reduce the amount of space you lease, a space survey is key to the project’s success.

With Covid changing the way we use and maintain our estate, good space management will ensure you can achieve your end goal, resulting in efficient space management. You will be able to timetable classes efficiently, plan desks and staff in offices, even complete a higher level of cleanliness by knowing which zones have increased usage and are likely to require special attention for cleaners- all essential with the government measurements introduced since Covid guidelines.

Why choose Sircle?

Our experienced surveyors will work with you to understand the purpose of the survey and build a detailed scope and approach that meets your needs. Whether this is remote monitoring of spaces over a period of time, pre-survey questionnaires to better understand peoples roles and requirements, or simply visiting each space to collect key asset information or even a mixture of all of them.

The information a Sircle occupancy survey for space management provides can be used to:

  • Measure patterns, peaks and troughs in workspace use to allow for increased use & sharing of space
  • Identify and reduce underused space
  • Ensure the correct level of space for each person
  • Allow for increased accuracy on Service Line Reporting (space charging)
  • Allow for better clinical / department adjacencies
  • Encourage hot-desking
  • Lead to meeting room reduction
  • Allow for the reduction in leased space whilst maintaining the same level of service.

All results are provided to you in a format that can be easily used, shared and uploaded to your CAFM system of choice. More importantly, the information will include a clear indication of under/overused space.

Avoid wasted or inefficiently used space with an occupancy survey from Sircle.

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“Sircle have been providing the University with survey and CAD services for several years following on from an initial survey of the academic spaces. Over the years they have been reappointed to conduct surveys of the student residential accommodation and several other areas. I would recommend Sircle to any university wanting a surveying or CAD service.”

University of Leicester