Medical Gas Survey

Are you confident your medical gas drawings are accurate and up-to-date

What is a Medical Gas Survey?

Accurate medical gas record drawings aren’t a choice; they’re a necessity. Section 5 of current HTM 02-01 for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems – Record Drawings, clearly states the need for accurate and up-to-date medical gas record drawings, how they should be maintained and readily available for all stakeholders. Despite this clear guidance, many are still using out of date drawings with some having none at all.

Why choose Sircle?

Our specialist Medical Gas Surveyors will work with you to understand what the starting point is to avoid unnecessary costs, reduce timescales and avoid site disruption. We will advise on whether the existing drawing can be used, where they are lacking detail or missing information and provide a detailed scope for the survey approach.

Where there are no existing drawings, or the existing are deemed unsuitable to be amended, we will conduct a full survey using an agreed scope.

Our Medical Gas Survey team have vast experience in surveying all types of properties from small community hospitals through to the largest Trusts in the UK, so can meet your requirements from the outset.

Not offering any form of remedial works or Medical Gas upgrades, means we can provide you with a true “as installed” drawing, which can be used for management, upgrades, maintenance and planning of future works. This approach ensures cost certainty.

Depending on the starting point and agreed scope, we can provide:

  • Audit and update of as-installed, isometric, or schematic drawings
  • Full survey of medical gas systems
  • Creation of new accurate and up-to-date drawings
  • Schedule of isolation valves (from tank to outlet) including unique reference, location, alarms, terminal unit type, keys, etc
  • Flow rate calculations
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of the drawings along with provision of schedule of changes.

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“Having dealt with Sircle on several occasions I have always found them to be professional and helpful, delivering all requests in a timely and efficient manner.”

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