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Manchester City Council appointed Sircle to provide services for fire safety compliance, project management, and contract administration for fire safety improvement works across various residential sites in Greater Manchester. The decision to appoint Sircle was made after a series of Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) were conducted for sites with diverse occupancy types, including sheltered, supported, and general needs. Additionally, the council requested post-inspection validation and quality assessments upon completion of the work, to further underscore their commitment to public safety. The council procured Sircle’s services through the Constellia framework.


Sircle worked closely with the client to gain a thorough understanding of the services required. The services included pre-contract duties such as creating a detailed schedule of works and successfully managing procurement and contractor appointments. During the contract phase, we ensured efficient management of the contractors, monitored the progress of the project, maintained quality control, provided regular updates to the client, oversaw program management, and conducted fortnightly performance/progress meetings.

Our team ensured the project complied with safety and health requirements by assisting the client in fulfilling their Construction Design and Management (CDM) duties, as required by the CDM Regulations of 2015.

After the fire safety works were completed, our experienced team carried out post-validation inspections to ensure comprehensive compliance. The inspections not only verified the quality, they also ensured that the initial FRA recommendations and legislative requirements were followed.

The data collected during the inspections was electronically captured on-site using bespoke fire safety software on handheld devices. The inspections also assessed the quality of the fire safety works in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.


The project is ongoing, and we are making significant progress in completing all actions identified within the FRAs.

Added Value

Sircle offers a compliance management service in addition to qualified building surveyors capable of conducting compartmentation surveys. This service provides an extra level of assurance and peace of mind to our clients that their fire safety compartmentation works meet legislative requirements and quality standards.

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