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The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) approached Sircle to help ensure the buildings at nine of their wetland centres across the UK were maintained to the highest level for their visitors, staff, and amazing wildlife. The buildings, which include a mix of steel frame agricultural, timber-constructed log cabins, timber hides, and stone-built farmhouses, have all been constructed and adapted with WWT’s commitment to improving their sustainable impact on the environment.


We were able to use our experience to identify a clear methodology to ensure the successful delivery of this project.

We initially met with the WWT Head of Property to establish the full brief and set out clear objectives. Next, meetings were arranged with the individual Centre Managers to understand each site’s condition better, reviewing any current, historic, and recurring maintenance issues. This approach allowed us to identify the key building assets requiring immediate attention or coming to the end of their lifecycle.

Following these discussions and reviewing existing information, a clear scope was agreed upon to ensure all relevant data was captured within a PPM plan, programmed over a five-year lifecycle period. We were also able to offer added value in line with WWT’s sustainability objectives by capturing information within our PPM survey, which assessed existing values of key building components and how these could be improved.

Our experienced surveyors inspected the condition of the site, collecting asset lifecycle data through our data capture software. In addition, we also advised our client on any key items which required immediate attention, such as any Health and Safety or Compliance matters.

Our collected asset data structure provided aligns with New Rules of Measurement 3 (NRM3). This data provides a standard set of measurement rules for estimating, cost planning, procurement, and whole-life costing for construction projects, making our lifecycle reporting accurate and aligning with a recognised industry standard.


The WWT was provided with an analytical dashboard and report, which helped them clearly forecast their budgets over the next five years. In addition, the data was provided in an easy-to-use, manageable format, which they use to manage and maintain their assets, as well as plan and control their budgets, and significantly reduce unexpected reactive maintenance costs.

As added value, we also presented the survey asset data in an easy-to-use Power BI visual data format, which WWT will be utilising as a platform for managing their future maintenance programme. We also provided vital U-Value calculations which assessed the performance of key building elements, identifying if these should be replaced for future funding purposes.

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