Start 2022 with a bang!

Spend wisely to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

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As we welcome a new year in, the end of another financial year approaches fast.

With estates management budgets being watched more closely than ever, it’s vital remaining funds are put into projects that offer a continuous return on investment and help reduce spending in the long run. But how do you choose which ones to invest in?

Reflecting on 2021, COVID-19 continued to upend working life in its traditional sense, changing the way workspaces around the country look and work. Let’s face it; buildings cost a lot of money to run, they constantly need to be maintained, heated, lit and cleaned. So the need for accurate data on your estate and how the space within it is being used has never been so pertinent when it comes to reducing your long-term spending.

How our services can help you spend your money wisely

Our experienced in-house Chartered Building Surveyors offer extensive advice on a range of building surveys relating to building defects, condition, refurbishment and property lifecycle.

The building fabric condition surveys we offer our customers help them identify the costs needed to ensure the buildings within their estates remain compliant and in a sound and safe condition for the next ten years.

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Digitising your documents saves you costs by not having to store them onsite. It also ensures they are not only easier to access, view and share; they are also better protected from accidental damage, loss and deterioration.

To see our range of scanning services, including estates, legacy and general document scanning, indexing and bookmarking, as well as invoice and large-format scanning click here.

Ensuring your estate drawings are correct and updated regularly is a worthwhile investment.

Accurate CAD drawings provide more than just a picture of the building outlines; they are the foundation on which all services within the Estates, Facilities, Capital, Soft FM and Compliance departments are delivered.

CAD drawings improve room occupancy and utilisation of space, vital with home-working.

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We are known for our coordinated approach when working on client projects, and compliance is no exception. An example of this is where there is synergy between our compliance services we are often able to offer these during a single visit. This reduces costs, site disruption and timescales.

The range of fire survey services we offer, including fire risk assessment, fire door inspection, and fire compartmentation ensure you meet the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requirements.

Our independent audits for glazing/ window restrictor and clinical waste ensure that our clients meet their obligations to all current legislation. Likewise, with our asbestos re-inspections, and because we do not offer remediation services we can provide unbiased assessments.

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