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Ready for the roll out? We’re here to support you.

As Britain prepares to roll out the Covid-19 vaccine, there’s a rush to get vaccination centres set up so that tens of millions of people can be protected against the virus.

This is a mammoth task, and with the nation watching, each vaccination centre needs to be designed carefully to avoid the risk of spreading the disease. Accurate drawings are fundamental to ensure you can plan the layout and movement of people using safe distancing. This is where Sircle can add real value and support by giving you that insight.

Sircle is a leading surveyor of the built environment and one that has been working within the Healthcare market for nearly 30 years, giving experience that is second to none. Our in-house teams can undertake the surveys required to provide you with the drawings and information you need to plan your new vaccination centre, from planning transition routes, to the layout of vaccination booths and essential medical equipment. Our newly launched Project Management Department can even manage the entire project for you.

Are you confident about the accuracy of your estate drawings?

We all know that buildings change frequently and recently we have come across several examples where drawings that were considered accurate and only a couple of years old were missing several spaces, affecting how the buildings could be used significantly. This is why it’s so important to get your drawings checked and space measured accurately.