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This month’s COP26 global conference was billed as the “last chance” for curbing climate change, but how will you achieve your Net Zero Carbon goals?

Far too many companies do not know what they have in terms of buildings and assets, so they have no information on which to target for their reductions. Accurate information on CAD plans, asset registers, occupancy details, etc., is vital if you want to run your estate with maximum efficiency and reduce your carbon emissions.

At Sircle, we’ll detail what you have, how it’s used, and where assets are in their lifecycle. This will allow you to take steps to reach Net Zero and reduce spending, improve efficiency, and potentially a ROI.

Here’s how our services can really make a difference: 

Accurate CAD drawings provide more than just a picture of the building outlines; they are the foundation on which all services within the Estates, Facilities, Capital, Soft FM and Compliance departments are delivered.

Some examples of how CAD drawings have provided information for projects that have resulted in better efficiency and carbon reduction are:-

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Knowing precisely what assets you have, their location, condition, age, SFG20 / NRM code, replacement costs etc., will provide you with significant benefits, including:

The reports we produce will also help you plan for emergencies and react quickly to faults.

Plan, budget and forecast over a period of up to 25 years with an M&E Asset survey from Sircle. For more information click here