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Successful implementation of new standards begins with accurate estate information

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the need to stem the risk of infection has highlighted the importance of deeper, more thorough cleaning of workplace facilities.

Earlier this year, the NHS England/Improvement (NHSE/I) released the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness (NSoHC) 2021, which are based around healthcare workplaces being easy to use and fit for the future; efficiency of the cleaning process and cleanliness, which provides assurance and safeguards the health of patients and staff.

Implementation timescales set by NHSE/I are as follows:

  • Acute and mental health trusts: fully implemented by May 2022
  • All other healthcare environments: fully implemented by November 2022
Having accurate drawings and up to date information on your estate is vital to ensure successful implementation can happen.

How Sircle can help

Knowing your building layout, GIA, and key cleaning related information is one of the most critical measures for creating an accurate custodial cleaning plan. Incorrect information will lead to inefficiencies and a false sense of how much cleaning is achievable within a specific amount of time or even areas not being cleaned in line with required or even over-cleaned. This is where Sircle can help you and add real value.
Our dedicated Healthcare teams will help to create cleaning specific drawings. For example, we can survey your buildings to collect the following information:
  • Floor covering
  • Bin type and location
  • Sink, bath and shower location
  • Clinical / general waste disposal bin locations
  • Clinical / Non-clinical areas
  • Bed / furniture details & location
  • Room function
  • And more!

The above information will not only aid you to plan more efficiently and achieve a higher level of cleanliness, it will also ensure you have the correct level of cleaning staff, benchmarking and even cost reduction. This information can be supplied as part of your drawings or in a manner to allow for upload to your CAFM or Cleaning Audit Software of choice.

Plan more efficiently and achieve a higher level of cleanliness

Correct GIA allows you to accurately calculate cleaning times. Adding floor coverings, waste bins and other cleaning related information to your drawings and / or CAFM allows for better planning.

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