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Southport Learning Trust is a family of five schools located in and around Southport on Merseyside. The trust appointed Sircle to carry out a series of fire safety surveys, including fire strategy drawings, fire risk assessments (FRAs) and compartmentation surveys at their Maghull High School. The surveys were expedited and required quickly to enable the trust to meet their Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) deadlines and submit costs for the required works.


The success of this project hinged on lots of data being collected and brought together quickly to allow for rapid survey mobilisation. To achieve this, we swiftly organised a building surveyor to attend and validate the school building plans and confirm any changes to layout and room/space functions. This enabled us to update the drawings and create accurate plans.

Once the plans were accurate, we undertook the compartmentation/fire strategy drawings to understand where the fire doors and fire-rated construction needed to be to ensure life safety and property protection.

These plans assisted our passive fire surveyors, who utilised handheld tablets to collect data against the new plans.

We also coordinated and delivered individual fire risk assessments for the building on site in scope. The identified capital investment works required could then be fed into the school’s bid for funding.

These surveys provided both costs and priority risk ratings that helped the trust decide on the urgency of the work required. It also gave them valuable insight into the potential costs to achieve fire safety and compliance with the fire safety order.


Much of the work was undertaken during term time, meaning there were certain access restrictions. Despite this, we managed to turn the whole survey programme for the trust around within the required deadline for funding applications.

We provided the trust with clear prioritisation of fire safety works required for capital investment, management and training etc., to assist them with planning and delivering the recommended actions.

We also gave the trust the up-to-date building plans, space utilisation information and Fire Risk Assessments (undertaken by a FRACS accredited Tier 3 IFSM Fire Risk Assessor) they needed.

At the end of the project, we presented the trust with a comprehensive fire door survey and compartmentation information in a professional PDF report. The detailed survey findings were also collated into clear excel spreadsheets with data analysis tabs to assist the client in understanding the high-level issues and trends found, allowing ‘at a glance’ understanding of large quantities of survey data.

The trust later feedback to us that they were successful in securing the CIF funding they wanted due to the work we did.

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