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The university required a detailed M&E asset survey across its four campuses, measuring 72,000sqm, to create an accurate and up-to-date M&E asset register. The survey scope included capturing the core asset data (make, model, serial number, etc.), condition rating, supply and install of asset tags, and adding details such as replacement costs, SFG20 codes, etc. The large campus is made up of teaching spaces and accommodation buildings, all varying in age, size and condition, which are constantly in use throughout the day. This meant it was essential that the surveying team be flexible and had experience working on complex estates.


Before carrying out the M&E asset survey, Sircle had conducted audit and measured surveys across the university’s estate, updating and creating up to date general arrangement CAD drawings. We were able to apply this experience and knowledge of the university’s estate in the project initiation stages and throughout.

Sircle have gained extensive knowledge of working on various estates of all sizes, building types and uses, and were able to draw on this experience and knowledge gained from previous projects to provide the university with a detailed brief and approach, which guaranteed the project delivered the information it required.

Planning and flexibility were key, and to ensure the project ran smoothly and delivered on time, we allocated a Lead M&E Surveyor who took the time to discuss with the university’s representative a suitable survey schedule as well as identify any potential issues/risks before the survey commencing so they could be resolved and managed. In addition, as the project covered four campuses, the project programme was shared with key stakeholders and building managers to ensure access was provided, minimising delays and return visits.

The estate consists of various properties, from modern to older. This meant choosing the right survey teams was vital. Sircle’s M&E team consists of time served engineers who have spent several years maintaining M&E equipment both in the healthcare and commercial environments, giving them a major advantage in surveying as they have vast knowledge and experience on asset types and what they deliver, how they should be supported and maintained.
As part of our continual improvement program, we used a mobile surveying app to capture the information, reducing site and back-office time to create the asset register in excel format for the properties surveyed. It also gives us the ability to have a larger team conduct the surveys and have consistent capture of information across the estate whilst maintaining a high level of quality data.


After completing the M&E asset surveys, we provided the client with M&E asset registers in excel format that allowed for easy upload into their CAFM system of choice. The reports included details of each asset and replacement costs and condition grade, which would help the University plan, budget and forecast over a period of up to 25 years.

We were also able to bring our vast knowledge and successful delivery of similar projects to the project advising on the approach, the level of information to be captured, the assets in scope, and how it should be presented. This led to a reduced timescale, cost savings and increased use of the data to aid in other areas such as H&S, occupancy comfort and maintenance overhead reductions.

Sircle have continued to support the university in the management of their estate and M&E Asset Surveys. This has included audit / measured survey, 2D CAD draughting, support in implementing and updating their MICAD IPR and fire services (fire compartmentation surveys and fire risk assessments).

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