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The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) has a long term investment plan that will lead to major improvement across their estate. Initially, they wanted to ensure they had access to accurate estate information to build their plans and manage the existing estate. This meant bringing the current information up to date, including 2D general arrangement plans, fire compartment surveys, fire risk assessments and M&E assets surveys.

As part of the investment plan, they were aware that all of the architects they would be working with wanted to work in Revit and had their version of a BIM Execution plan (BEP). However, this would have resulted in models being provided to UCA that were at different levels of detail, contained differing information, and would not have been compatible with managing the estate. To avoid this, UCA tasked Sircle with creating a robust BIM Execution Plan (BEP) that would provide a standard set of requirements for the successful delivery of each project. This would ensure consistency in the information provided to the university following all capital and investment projects.


Having gained valuable insight into the UCA estate, it was essential that we brought together the right people to assist in delivering this project. To help shape and develop the BEP, Sircle was able to call upon our experienced BIM consultant to develop a BIM Maturity Assessment (BMA).

Stage one of the assessment included interviewing key stakeholders within the University’s Capital Project, I.T, and Estates Maintenance Operations teams. The aim of this was to understand the university’s capability to deliver the industry standard BIM process within capital development and estates refurbishment works/programmes. The BMA also included a review of the current BIM specification and asset management control documents the university used.

Throughout the project, we assigned one of our experienced project managers to liaise with both the consultant and university to oversee the project delivery.

The outcomes of the BIM findings were presented to the senior stakeholder group to consider, along with the available BIM tier options.

Based upon the agreed outputs of the BIM Maturity Assessment, a bespoke BIM suite of documents was produced, which included:


Armed with the suite of documents we provided, the university successfully adopted the BIM process, which enabled them to plan and carry out their projects more efficiently.

Through the alignment of all existing asset data and the generation of a new industry best practice asset nomenclature, UCA have been able to futureproof their BIM and asset management strategies and governance arrangements.

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