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Chatham House engaged with IEM to support the delivery of building compliance. There were several compliance areas that were lacking in terms of condition and detail. The absence of general arrangement plans was a significant concern that hindered IEM from delivering a compliant building in line with the client’s requirements. Another key consideration was the process of listed building consent applications and internal space planning without accurate drawings.


A full estate health-check was carried out as part of IEM’s 5 Point Plan framework. This provided an overview of the customer’s current position.

Sircle assisted IEM in actioning items identified during points one to three (know your assets, understand your condition and control your compliance) by delivering an accurate general arrangement plan and several compliance activities.

Key deliverables:

To enable the Trust to use this data to determine under and over-used space, we polylined their CAD drawings. This let us calculate the GIA and NIA and add these to the datasheets. This allowed the Trust to look at the floor areas of their rooms and compare this with the number of staff using them. Our Project Manager then ensured the data was correctly updated on the Planet system.


Chatham House now has a compliant listed building, with full awareness and control of their assets. They have clear MI and reporting, with the details produced to deliver against their plan, as well as being on track with all necessary remedial works.
As an added bonus, during the onset of Covid, IEM implemented key workplace and space management initiatives, re-organising their office areas to be Covid compliant. This was done using the accurate general arrangement plans we supplied them.

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