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Are you an NHS Trust with funding sourced, but missing the insight?

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding funding to upgrade A&E facilities, there’s a rush to get projects started. However, have you got the right insight on your property to ensure that you are using the funding wisely and reducing the risk of unexpected additional costs? This is where Sircle can add real value and support by giving you that insight and putting you in control.

The basis for good planning, design, and build is accurate base information. This includes as-built drawings for the building outline, as-installed MEP services drawings that detail the run and isolation points of key services, MEP Asset Registers as well as critical compliance details such as Fire Compartmentation. All of which Sircle can provide you with.

Sircle are the only surveyor of the built environment that can undertake all of the surveys required to give you the drawings and information you need to plan your new A&E (or any other project) and our newly launched Project Management Department can even manage the entire project for you.

Essentially we are a one-stop-shop for all your surveying, CAD, Revit, PM and BIM needs– able to complete all of your survey requirements in a single project that will reduce timescales and costs, as well as giving you a single point of contact. We can also work with your architect to supply services such as topographical and building surveys, using Total Station and the latest Point Cloud scanning methods to help support the planning application and the BIM process.

How Sircle can support you:

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