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Are you realising the wider savings GS1 / Scan4Safety adoption offers?

If the answer is yes, the savings Scan4Safety offers are even wider than you might have realised.

It has been mandated that NHS Trusts must adopt GS1 Scan4Safety standards. A recent report by Lord Carter states that providing a Trust’s roll out of GS1 is to the specified standards, an average sized Trust can expect to save £3 million through the procurement process and implementation of Scan4Safety.

However, this saving is not limited to just these areas and there are far greater returns across all departments, which Sircle are helping Trusts to achieve.

How have Sircle been helping Trusts?

The key to a successful adoption is the use of unique GS1 GLNs (Global Location Numbers) across all spaces. In order for these to be allocated to spaces and recorded correctly, your drawings must accurately reflect your building’s layout and functions. The GLNs link the locations to events, departments and dynamic equipment. This is where you can make additional savings.

Up-to-date drawings are used across nearly all departments to allow them to fulfil their daily duties with increased efficiency, plan for the future, reduce risk and provide reports. If inaccurate drawings are used this means that risk increases significantly and long-term planning made difficult, often incurring some very unexpected additional costs.

Accurate drawings enable you to:

The placement and management of your GLNs aross your estate is key to successful adoption, therefore choosing a company that has the experience to deliver all of the elements required is essential.

In addition, as Sircle deliver a wide range of surveys we can also collect additional data to allow for increased savings or simply update information such as Fire Asset location to provide increased risk reduction.