Accurate medical drawings, a necessity, not a choice.

The use of medical gases is at an all-time high in the NHS and wider healthcare sector. Many providers are either looking to make upgrades or have made them to meet demand, which isn’t due to drop for several weeks if not months.

The Regulations

Within the Department of Health’s current guidance for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (HTM 02-01), under section 5– Record Drawings, it clearly states the need for accurate and up-to-date medical gas record drawings. It also says they should be maintained and made readily available for all stakeholders and this has never been more important,

Despite this clear guidance, many are still using out of date drawings sometimes through no fault of their own as emergency changes are being made to support the rise in COVID patients and yet some have no drawings at all.

How Sircle can help

Our highly experienced Medical Gas Survey team have vast experience in surveying all types of properties from small community hospitals through to the largest Trusts in the UK, so are able to ensure we meet your requirements from the outset.

They will work with you to understand what the starting point is to avoid unnecessary costs, reduce timescales and avoid site disruption. We will advise on whether the existing drawings can be used, where they are lacking detail and provide a thorough scope for the survey approach which can include:

  • Flow Rate Calculations
  • Pressure Drop Calculations
  • Valve / Key Charts (We can even check you have keys for all AVSU’s and line valve locks)
  • Plant equipment details
  • Terminal outlets
  • Medical gas alarm panels
  • Plant equipment
Where there are no existing drawings, or the current are deemed unsuitable to be amended, then we can conduct a full survey using an agreed scope.
Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Full survey of medical gas systems
  • Creation of new accurate and up-to-date schematic drawings
  • Ongoing maintenance and support of the drawings, along with the provision of the schedule of changes.
  • Medical gas signage and valve tag audit and replacement
  • Schedule of isolation vales and AVSU’s including unique references, location, key numbers and number of outlets served
  • Flow rate and pressure drop calculations
  • Audit and update of as-installed or schematic drawings

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