The Importance of a Verticality Survey

Put simply, a Verticality Survey checks to see whether a building, structure or even a retaining wall is completely vertical or leans towards one direction or another.

All project managers know the importance of an accurate Measured Building Survey, however Verticality Surveys can often be overlooked.

A Verticality Survey can be undertaken either during the construction phase of a new build or post construction for as-built reports, and can be carried out both internally and externally.   We can provide a one-off report on your property’s verticality status, or even provide a monitoring survey where repeated visits are made to site and survey observations are taken from a stable baseline.  Either way, we’ll provide you with information to show stability or any deviant trends.

With ever increasing technology, various methods are available for Verticality Surveys, but the best method available at the moment – and one employed by Sircle surveyors – is laser scanning. By scanning the facade of a structure you end up with millions of survey points from which you can extract an extremely accurate section/slice. This data can then be shown against a vertical line and any deviations from this vertical will be listed.

The benefits of a Verticality Survey cannot be overlooked.  It could be invaluable to architects, civil engineers and designers alike as it allows you to tailor your design work to an existing structure with an extremely high level of accuracy and detail, and therefore minimise errors and possible costly problems that could arise during construction.

Additionally, from a heritage point of view, a Verticality Survey can be used to assess the structural integrity of buildings and their features, and therefore provide information on preventative measures to ensure the stability of the building for the future.

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