Case Study:

Are you protecting your investment in Planet FM?

It’s likely the investment you made in Planet FM, along with the CAD drawings, data collection and system population, was one of the more significant purchases you made. It’s also likely you and your estates team rely on the wealth of information uploaded onto it.

For the system to continue supporting you, provide the level of information needed to manage your estate and deliver that important return on investment, it is vital the data is managed, audited and updated at regular intervals. Effectively, you need Planet FM to be part of you PPM regime.

We all know that buildings are constantly changing. Some changes will come with ‘as built’ drawings and O&M manuals; others will be minor alterations and have no drawings or data supplied. Occupants will move and assets will be replaced with little or no thought given to how this affects your system. This means maintaining the accuracy of the data within your system should be as important as PPMs on your M&E assets.

Sircle’s regular update & audit service is the PPM you need. Our service can be tailored to meet your requirements, and even increased for further information to be collected and populated within your system. The service can include:

  • Regular audit surveys to capture minor alterations where no drawings or data are supplied. Areas are covered over a three or five-year period
  • Auditing supplied ‘as built’ CAD drawings and data, to confirm their accuracy and ensure they meet your standards
  • Ongoing updates to your data, such as room function, occupancy, assets, fire plans and more
  • Annual system audits
  • Additional data collection and population.

By updating drawings and capturing room data as your estate changes, you can make plans for the future using accurate information. You’ll know how to use your services budget efficiently, and your investment in Planet FM will continue to provide returns.

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